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Tablet Chlorination Systems

The Accu-Tab® system combines calcium hypochlorite tablets and chlorinators to provide an alternative to gas or bleach





Pulsation Dampeners

Surge Suppression, Pump Inlet Stabilization 








CDG Environmental

Chlorine Dioxide Make Up Systems

GAS:SOLID™ system uses SAF-T-CHOR™, a thermally stable, solid-form sodium chlorite which when used in the GAS:SOLID™ system yields a pure, gaseous chlorine dioxide product.




Con-V-Air Solutions

Con-V-Air Solutions offers a complete range of highly specialized bulk handling equipments designed specifically for the water & wastewater treatment market.








Chlorination & Dechlorination Equipment

Cylinder Mounted Chlorinators, Wall or Ton Mounted Chlorinators, Electrically Heated Evaporators, Cabinet Mounted Chlorinators, Automatic Controls for Chlorinators, Chlor-A-Vac Chemical Induction Unit.






Finish Thompson

Sealless Magnetic-Drive Pumps

Premium Magnetic-Drive Sealless Centrifugal Pumps. Ultra Chem. ANSI Magnetic Drive Pumps, Drum & Barrel Transfer Pumps.




Force Flow

Chemical Monitoring & Control

Scales, Ton & Cylinder Scales, Drum, Tank, Tote & Dry Feeder Scales, Chemical Dilution Systems, Indicators and Monitors.





 Glasco uv

Ultraviolet Disinfection Equipment

Low Pressure High Output & Amalgam Systems. Water:  Non Contact & Chambered Systems.  Wastewater:  Horizontal & Vertical Open Channel Systems.                 







Metering Pump Accessories

Back Pressure Valves, Pressure Relief Valves, Calibration Columns, Diaphragm Seals, Pressure Gauges & Y Strainers.



Static Mixers & Metering Pump Accessories

Static Mixers, Back Pressure Valve, Pressure Relief Valves, Calibration Columns and Injection Quills.








Metering Pumps & Fluoride Saturators

Solenoid Metering Pumps, Pumping Systems and Accessories, Fluoride Saturators.





PSI Water Technologies


PAX TRS™ systems effectively remove volatile trihalomethane species (THMs) from distribution networks by intervening in water storage tanks.  By utilizing proven equipment strategies and sophisticated mass transfer models, PAX TRS™ systems are able to warranty levels of THM removal in the water tanks.


UGSI Solutions

Polymer Systems: 

"Dynablend & Poly Blend" Compact Liquid Blending Unit, "DynaJet" Hybrid Systems for Mixing & Feeding Liquid & Dry Polymers, Custom Systems-Factory Pre-Piped & Skid Mounted




Pulsafeeder Pumps

PULSA Series (Municipal)

Metering Pumps

Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering Pumps, Metering Pump Systems, and Accessories.





Metering Pumps

Solenoid Metering Pumps, Pumping Systems and Accessories.










  Chemical Injectors                   

Injector Nozzles, Injection Assemblies, Sampling Probe, Saf-T-Seal, Air Injection Diffuser.





Hose and Tubing Pumps

Peristaltic Hose & Tubing Pumps.




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