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Autrol America

Smart Pressure & Flow Transmitters

Absolute, Gauge, Differential, Multiplanar, Pressure Transmitters, High Pressure, Flanged, Remote diaphragm, Temperature, & Flow Transmitters.





Flow Meters

Venturi Flowmeters, Cast Iron or Plastic Universal Venturi Tubes.




Water Quality Monitoring & Control Instrumentation

Streaming Current Monitors, Partical Counters, Organics Monitors, Chlorine Residual Analyzers.






Denora Water Technologies

Analytical Instrumentation

Residual Chlorine, Dechlorination, Dissolved Oxygen, pH, ORP, Chlorine Dioxide, Conductivity, Turbidity, & Suspended Solids, Sensors and Analyzers.




Collection System Flowmeters and Equipment

Permanent and Portable Open Channel Flowmeters, Radar, Ultrasonic, Area Velocity, Bubblers, Rain Gauges, Data Collection and Monitoring Equipment.




Level Monitoring Equipment

Ultrasonic, Microwave, Capacitive, Magnetostrictive, Hydrostatic, Conductance, Vibrating Rod & Fork, RF Capacitance and Floats.



Precision Digital

Digital Panel & Field Meters

Level, Flow, Temperature & Pressure Read outs 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 DIN Meters, 1, 2 & 3 inch Meters, Loop Powered Meters, Scanners, Annunciators.





Electromagnetic Flowmeters

Flanged Flowmeters from 1/2" - 48" and Wafer Meters from 1/2" - 8".









Process Control & Scada Systems:

Custom Designed Process Control Systems featuring Modular Digital RTU's combined with Universal Digital SCADA Engine (USE).  Supplier of UL 508 Custom Control panels.


Warminster Fiberglass

Flumes & Fiberglass Equipment

Parshall, Palmer-Bowles, & H-Flumes, Channel Liners Metering Manholes, Fiberglass Consoles.


 *Associate Partner:  We are teamed with the JWB Company ( of Wolcott, CT.  This relationship offers our customers the broadest line of Instrumentation, Controls, Chemical Feed and Process Equipment for the Water & Wastewater Industry in New England.  Contact us for further details, quotations or questions.                                                                                    


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