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Custom Engineered Fiberglass Equipment & Site Services

Tanks,Ductwork, Butterfly Dampers, Draft Hoods, Scrubber Bodies, Pipe Headers, Fan Housings.FRPI Certified.


CBI Inc.

Digesters & Clarifiers

Egg Shaped Digesters, Claricone Clarifier, ATP Process, Filters & Recarbination.





Ultraviolet Disinfection Equipment

Low Pressure High Output & Amalgam Systems: Water: Non Contact & Chambered Systems. Wastewater: Horizontal & Vertical Open Channel Systems.




Positive Displacement Blower Systems & Accessories

Standard Pressure & Vaccuum systems.  Custom systems including Sound enclosures.







 Hiller Seperations


Decanter Centrifuge and accessories.




Integrity Municipal Systems

Odor Control Systems

Biological Odor Control Systems two State H2S Odor Removal, Carbon Odor Control Systems MCS 0-1400 CFM, BCS- Single bed up to 1400 CFM, Dual Bead up to 20,000 CFM




Screw Conveyors

Shafted, Shaft less, & Vertical Screw Conveyors.  Replacement Parts & upgrades for existing Asdor Equipment.





Pumps & Systems

Progressing Cavity Pumps & Systems, Rotary Lobe Pumps Two, Three & Four Blade.


Philadelphia Mising Solutions

Philadelphia Mixing Solutions

Mixers & Aerators

Surface & Submerged Aerators, High Flow Low Shear Flocculators, Vertical Shaft Turbine, Rapid Mixers, Sludge Blending Mixers.



Phoenix Dewatering


Dewatering Equipment

Belt Filter Presses, Gravity Belt Thickeners, Recessed Chamber Presses Filter & Dryer Belts.



Prime Solutions

Prime Solutions

Rotary Fan Press

Free Standing, Space Saving Skid Mounted Systems, & Mobile Systems.





Pax Tank Mixers & System

Monochlor;  RCS Chloramines Removal Control Systems:  Smart Boost:  Free Chlorine Boosting Systems PAX TRS; DBP/TTHM Removal Systems, Chemlocker; Reservoir Dosing Systems





Process Equipment

Fuzzy Filters, Continuously Sequencing Reactor, Grit Removal, Eq. Clarifiers.



Spencer Turbine Co.


High Efficiency Multistage Centrifugal, Positive Displacement Blowers, Gas Boosters, Dissolved Oxygen Controls, Variable Frequency Drives.






Liquid & Vapor Phase Carbon Absorbers

Activated Carbon Filters and Systems. PFOA & PFOS Removal Systems.





Tonka Water

Filtration Equipment

Gravity and Pressure Filters, Ion Exchange, Packaged Water Treatment Plants and Clarifiers, Dissolved Air Floatation.







Filter Maintenance, Troubleshooting and/or Repair

Complete line of Filter Materials.  Sand, Garnet, Anthracite.  Uni-Linear repair system for existing Wheeler Bottoms, Modular Air Scour units.





Fiberglass Products

Exhaust Fans, FRP Duct, FRP Dampers, Louvers, Hoods & Scrubbers.


Warminster Fiberglass

Fiberglass Products & Buildings

Filter Troughs, Weir Plates, Scum Baffles, Gates & Guides, All Weather Shelters & Buildings, Odor Control Systems, Doors & Frames, Secondary Containment Buildings, Cabinets, Consoles & Panels.











WTP Equipment Corp

Screens, Grit Systems & CSO Equipment

Bar Screens, Deep Well Bar Screens, Fine Screens, Conveyor Screens, Vortex Grit Removal, Grit Classifiers, Grit Collectors, Screenings Washing, Dewatering Press, Screw Conveyors.



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